Covanta EfW Incinerator


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Main Points 

  • The Main building would be roughly the height of the Cardington hangers!
  • The chimney stack(s) would be a minimum of 105 meters hight – considerably higher than the remaining Stewartby brickworks chimneys
  • The building would be right against the railway line at the edge of the Country Park – it will be visible from every part of this wonderful amenity used by so many families and their children
  • Planning permission granted in 2013 allows vehicle movements of 700+ a day (nearly 300 lorries) – these will be arriving and departing during opening hours of 7am – 11 pm 6 days a week
  • Covanta’s only confirmed customer as of 2013 was Windsor and Maidenhead.  However this council has since signed a 15 year contract with a competitor – Viridor
Diagram shows how big the proposed Covanta Incinerator will be in comparison with other buildings (as of 2013).
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Side View – approx measurements
Size chart of Covanta Incinerator proposal
View from Forest Centre Cafe- Interlocking Boxes Format
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Based on Covanta’s current Website
 from forest centre cafe

How this will impact on you, your family and our local villages

1. A lack of clarity about what will come out of an incinerator’s chimney/s and long term health implications – the experts always tell you it’s safe at the beginning! Covanta has been running a number of Energy from Waste plants in the US for some years but Private Eye’s issue 1248 states that they have “been repeatedly fined over toxic emissions” and have been “issued citations ….for breaking fire safety rules”.

2. The permanent loss of night sky with severe light pollution from a site operating 24/7.

3. The permanent loss of a uniquely quiet area with the site operating 24/7.

4. Incinerators generate a TOXIC waste called Fly Ash. Together with bottom ash this accounts for approximately 25% of the original mass incinerated. There has been no indication where this toxic waste will end up.Will this then be moved off site to licensed landfill sites for such waste? By road through local villages? Or is there then a second development of part of Rookery Pit South to become a licensed site for landfill of hazardous waste? Which then takes in hazardous waste from other locations, by road, through our villages?

5. The negative impact on the Millennium Country Park, Marston Vale Trust.

6. The new A421 was designed to cope with existing traffic problems and some elements of growth in Bedford Borough. The volume of lorry and associated traffic for a large scale industrial area will be beyond the capacity of the road.

7.  The visual impact of the Incinerator would be great.  It would be the dominating feature from all parts of the Marston Vale, Millbrook, Ampthill Park and the Greensand Ridge.



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