Arguments Against

Updated May 2016

Welcome to the
Energy From Waste Debate (Incinerators to you and me)

Why we are against the proposals for Rookery Pit South in principle:

  1. The loss, forever, of a rural landscape currently a haven to wildlife.
  2. The permanent loss of night sky with severe light pollution from a site operating 24/7.
  3. The permanent loss of uniquely quiet area with site operating 24/7.
  4. The lack of clarity about what will come out of an incinerators chimney(s) and its long term health implications – the experts always tell you its safe at the beginning!
  5. Incinerators generate a hazardous waste called Fly Ash. Will this is then moved off site to licensed landfill sites for such waste?  By road through local villages?  Or is there then a second development of part of Rookery Pit South to become a licensed site for landfill of hazardous waste?  Which then takes in hazardous waste from other locations, by road, through our villages?
  6. Incinerators need feeding to be economically viable.  As Bedfordshire increasingly recycles, where will the rubbish come from?  Offering an incinerator has the potential to damage the push for increased recycling – so we lose both ways!
  7. The environmental impact with increased traffic to and from the site.
  8. The natural lorry route will be on/off the new A421 at the Marston Moreteyne junction then travelling to and from the site behind the houses and the playing field of the village.
  9. The new A421 was designed to cope with existing traffic problems and some elements of growth.  The volume of lorry and associated traffic for a large scale industrial area will be beyond the capacity of the road.
  10. The proposals will act as a magnet for the complete industrialisation of Rookery Pit South leading to a major industrial site in the heart of a rural setting and village communities.
  11. The negative impact on the Millienmum Country Park and Marston Vale Community Forest as a whole

Additional Arguments Against Covanta Proposal:

  1. The potential scale of the plant importing waste from far afield to achieve maximum efficiency.
  2. The sheer size of the building 75% of which, according to Covanta, will be above the existing edge of Rookery Pit i.e. visible.  This will dominate the skyline and negatively affect the Country Park as the building will be up against the railway line right by the footpaths of the Park.
  3. Planning permission granted in 2013 allows vehicle movements of 700+ a day (nearly 300 lorries) -these will be arriving and departing during the hours of 7 am – 11 pm 6 days a week
  4. The tokenistic fob to local people that they’ll benefit from a small amount of electricity bills
  5. Despite tokenistic comments of rail connection to the site the use of rail has already been abandoned as too costly.  All transportation on / off site will be by lorry.
  6. There are questions around Covanta’s treatment of staff in its American operations which have been documented in British press.