MMAG and Incineration – where do we stand

We believe that incineration;

  • should not automatically replace landfill as the solution to disposal of residual waste.
  • undermines the incentive to maximise recycling of which Central Beds has a commendable record and we look forward to recycling even more. We challenge others to match our recycling record – we can all do more.
  • avoids addressing the more fundamental challenge of why so much waste is produced in the first place.
  • Nevertheless even with optimum recycling there may remain an amount of residual waste (even incineration will produce residual waste) but this should only be incinerated as an ‘absolute last resort’ in the absence of any alternative.
  • Why therefore should Rookery Pit be the site for an incinerator of absolute last resort for the East Midlands and East of England ? Is it appropriate to place this monster in Rookery Pit which – as the rest of the country achieves higher levels of recycling – will need to look further and further a field for waste to incinerate in order to maintain optimum efficiency. Incineration will become an end in itself rather than a means to an end; a problem and not a solution and on our doorstep !
  • We predict the EU will eventually penalise incineration in the same way as landfill – but by then Rookery Pit will have been destroyed as a rural landscape.