Public Meeting 30th October 2010 including presentation by Professor Connett

As reported by BBC Look East, hundreds of people packed out the Rufus Centre for a meeting with Professor Connett, a leading expert on waste, dioxins and sustainable alternatives to landfill and incineration [Click Here to view CV]. Here as a guest of Cynthia Bagchi, the meeting on Saturday 30th October was one of  series around the country.  The meeting was introduced by Hugh Roberts, Chair of MMAG and then chaired by Nadine Dorries, Mid Beds MP.

Concerned residents from a wide area were joined by regular leisure users of Stewartby Lake from as far away as Leicester to hear a dynamic and enthralling presentation from Professor Connett.

The presentation showed the real and existing alternatives to both landfill and incineration in use today around the world.  There was an exploration of ‘zero waste’ strategies and detailed discussion of what a real and meaningful commitment to reuse, recycle and composting could achieve if communities and government really wanted it to work. His outstanding presentation can be accessed below (due to the large size of the presentation – it has been divided into 4 separate files).

Professor Connett Powerpoint Presentation – Slides 1 – 68
Professor Connett Powerpoint Presentation – Slides 69 – 120
Professor Connett Powerpoint Presentation – Slides 121 – 190
Professor Connett Powerpoint Presentation – Slides 191 – 231

A selection of videos taken at a similar presentation by Professor Connett in Guernsey earlier this year can be viewed by Clicking Here

Pictures taken at Rufus Centre meeting 30th October 2010