Housing Developments

MK Expansion Plan

MK Council will be discussing their preferred expansion plan at a February Council meeting prior to going out to consultation in March for twelve weeks. Click Here for the powerpoint presentation (as a pdf) that shows they have stepped back from the idea of a series of garden villages and also from a mirror scale of development of the existing MK onto the east side of the M1. – Click Here to View Full Post

Large scale business development targets Junction 13 – Public Consultation until 25/01/17

A new sizable application for yet more storage and distribution hangers has been made for land from Brogborough to Salford. If this goes ahead alongside the already approved very large Wooton to Kempston business park alongside the A421 the level of HGV movement will be very high. Click Here to View Full Post

Central Beds Local Plan Drop In Sessions

Central Beds Council have published some upcoming dates for village drop-in sessions regarding the Local Plan.  Some of these dates are not finalised but the event covering the areas Marston Moreteyne, Millbrook, Lidlington, Brogborough, Cranfield, Hulcote and Salford is set for 1st December 2:30pm – 7:30pm at Marston Moreteyne Village Hall. Click Here to View Full Post

MMAG Responds to Local Plan Survey – Oct 2016

The initial stage of creating Central Bedfordshire’s new Local Plan for housing and employment growth is underway. MMAG has responded, but been forced to do so by letter/email as the survey is designed to limit explaining a viewpoint around one critical question.

Click Here to View our letter and response to Central Bedfordshire Council.


MMAG’s response to Plan:MK expansion consultation – April 2016 

Please click here to view MMAG’s response to consultation.

Please note consultation closes on 6th April

Milton Keynes eyes up Central Bedfordshire east of the M1…..again! – Nov 2014
Milton Keynes is considering and seeking views of potential expansion of the new town across the M1 into Salford and heading for Cranfield. MMAG has previously challenged this option for expansion and has done so again now.

For the draft paper explaining their thinking [Click Here]and the map indicating potential expansion sites [Click Here]. MMAG’s letter in response [Click Here].

MMAG encourages local residents to email the department handling development plans. It is important to note that they are considering both expansion across the M1 and the possibility of a ‘garden town’. This again has a familiar ‘eco-town’ ring to it and MMAG strongly encourages you to raise your objections now at this early stage of deliberations to reinforce with them that all that we fought for in 2008/09 still holds true:

  • we are a location of individual villages,
  • coalescence of Milton Keynes and Bedford into one sprawling urban area serves no-one well and
  • the regeneration of the Marston Vale never included concreting over the Vale.

Email planmk@milton-keynes.gov.uk to express your views, ideally before 3rd December 2014

Central Bedfordshire Council Updates – Development Strategy – Nov 2014
Please see below a Central Bedfordshire Council Update regarding the recent consultation on the Development Strategy.

Did you comment on the Development Strategy?

On 24 October 2014 the Central Bedfordshire Development Strategy together with the supporting evidence and all comments received during formal consultation, were submitted to the Secretary of State.

The most recent consultation ran from 30 June to 26 August 2014 and received more than 1,600 responses. These responses will now be considered by an independent Planning Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State to determine whether the Plan is “sound” and legally compliant.

It is expected that the Inspector will hold a Public Examination next spring. Individuals who made objections and sought changes to the document during the formal consultation and requested to attend the hearings will be invited to attend the hearing sessions to present their argument to the Planning Inspector verbally.

For those who do not wish to attend the hearing sessions, the Planning Inspector will still consider their written comments. All comments, whether made in writing or verbally at the hearings, will carry the same weight.

For more information about the Development Strategy or to view the Submission documents please visit our website. Alternatively, copies of the submission documents can be viewed at the council offices in Chicksands and Dunstable during opening hours.

Housing Development behind Little Chef – Exhibitions Sept 2014
Hallams Land Management are running two exhibitions on their revised proposals for the all the land from the Little Chef right across tot he Wood End road. This is a site not dissimilar in size to Marston Park..
The exhibitions will be held at the village hall, Bedford Road and are on:
Thursday 4 September from 2 – 7pm and
Saturday 6 September 10 – 1pm
The exhibition includes the middle plot of land on this site that is currently not part of housing allocations. Do attend and make your views known.


Development Strategy – Have Your Say

Central Bedfordshire Council has prepared a new Development Strategy that sets out how our area should grow to meet local needs up to 2031. This includes plans to deliver homes, jobs and facilities across Central Bedfordshire.

Find out more about the Development Strategy and have your say – consultation closes on 26 August 2014


Millbrook Proving Ground – Public Exhibition 12/12/13 – Make sure your voice is heard

Millbrook Proving Ground Limited, now under new ownership, is reviewing a range of options to realise the future investment programme at the site. Local residents are invited to view and comment on the initial draft proposals.

Venue: Millbrook Proving Ground

Date: Thursday December 12th 2013 Time: 2pm – 8pm

Arrival and parking is via the main entrance on Station Lane from where a shuttle bus will take people to the on-site venue.

A bus service is also available from Lidlington village hall. Unfortunately, no such service is being made available to residents of Marston Moreteyne despite the current negative impact of site traffic on the village .

MMAG welcomes proposals that lead to more local jobs being created. However, Marston Moreteyne residents will also want to ask questions about the additional traffic movements and routes to and from the Proving Ground. We already have problems with HGVs coming through the village despite the preferred route to the site being via the B530. Disappointingly, we do not expect the exhibition to fundamentally address this ongoing problem.

MMAG believes it is now the time to give serious consideration to an alternative main entrance to the Proving Ground which bypasses Marston Moreteyne. This could involve:

  • re routing HGV traffic along the A507
  • upgrading the Lidlington turn to a safer roundabout and
  • cutting a new road across to the south west corner of the Proving Ground from just south of South View Farm

MMAG encourages local residents to attend the exhibition, comment on the proposals and ensure that the traffic problems generated by the site in its current capacity are actively addressed by the new owners as they explore expansion.

Please Click Here to view Flyer advertising exhibition which also has a map showing the specific areas that are under consideration.

Millbrook Proving Ground Sold

Millbrook Proving Ground is in new ownership.The CEO explains who now owns the site and their top line plans here http://www.millbrook.co.uk/Newsline/blog-article/CEO-comments-on-Millbrook-acquisition-by-Rutland-Partners
MMAG will monitor the changes to understand what this may mean for land use and changes to land use; bids have been previously submitted (and not progressed) for housing development on parts of the site. Also for likely changes in traffic movements with greater activity on the site.

Hallams ‘Moreteyne Farm’ Housing Development by Little Chef Roundabout – Update

A planning application for a mixed use development, comprising 125 dwellings and 7 hectares of business use, was submitted to Central Bedfordshire Council in December 2012. This has now been approved.

Hallam Land Management intends to submit a new planning application for the remaining land parcel, as well as the land previously put forward for business use.

Exhibition material is now available online at http://www.fpcr.co.uk/consultation/sites/default/files/Marston_Moretaine_consultation_boards.pdf .

Public Consultation for people to give their views is now open until Friday 26th July – feedback forms are available at http://www.fpcr.co.uk/consultation/sites/default/files/Marston_Moretaine_feedback_form.pdf

More Development – Have Your Say – 9 July 2013

Hallams are running a consultation event on Tuesday 9th July at the Forest Centre 2pm – 7pm . The event explores options for the second phase of the large scale development planned for behind the Little Chef across to Wood End.

The smaller initial phase has been approved immediately behind the Little Chef. This consultation is for the much large site right across to Wood End road.

Please make every effort to go along and make your views known. Phase 1 and 2 of this development are of a similar scale to the Marston Park development.

Please Click Here to view 2 page leaflet advertising the event.

Central Beds Housing Targets Updates and Questionnaire – Deadline 28th March

Update – see item below.MMAG attended one of the workshops and got the impression that the very clear and preferred direction of Central Beds Council thinking is:

  • High growth / likely new settlement
  • Cater for housing need from surrounding Counties – making us a magnet for developers

MMAG strongly encourages you complete the questionnaire which takes no more than 10 minutes Click Here for Link and ensure your views are heard at Central Beds – Deadline 28 March.

Below is the the MMAG submission – feel free to use this as guidance or cut and paste as required:

Q2 – Protect the natural environment / Protect greenbelt / Attractive, well designed places

Q3 – A legacy of the soon to be defunct Regional Spatial Strategy is the designation of the ‘Northern Marston Vale’ as an area earmarked for housing & economic regeneration. Within the Marston Vale there are contradictory land uses proposed: waste disposal (landfill), potential incineration (Rookery Pit), recreation, tourism and housing growth. The Marston Vale should be primarily earmarked for environmental regeneration with an economy built on recreation and tourism (e.g. Centre Parks / Millennium Country Park etc.) and high end employment e.g. Cranfield University, Millbrook Proving Ground etc. The planning options are actually political choices about the nature of our communities in the future. CBC does not have any electoral mandate to contemplate housing growth on the scale suggested in the options paper.

Q4 – Low

Q5 Will not require more land / Will have less impact on the countryside / Our towns and villages do not need to grow / would place less strain on existing infrastructure

Q6 – A housing target that addresses migration will become self fulfilling if surrounding authorities do not reciprocate. If CBC is “open for business” & Bedford Borough, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire are closed then CBC will become a magnet for housing development. CBC’s job is to look after the housing needs of the existing community. It is not CBCs role to address the housing problems of elsewhere.

Q7 – Low

Q8 – No furthe land needed / Will have less impact on the countryside

Q9 – For a local authority to have a specific jobs growth target is absurd. Local authorities can only ensure, if affordable, that there are no infrastructure disincentives to economic growth. Local Authorities can only have a marginal effect on where jobs are located. These are decisions made by employers and dictates of market conditions. Is the jobs growth net new jobs or simply relocated jobs from elsewhere? Significant numbers of residents ‘out commute’ to London. Has CBC noticed that there is a Thameslink upgrade, leading to longer platforms and longer trains? Presumably the East-west Coast route and A421 will encourage further out commuting. The infrastructure in place and planned lends itself to out commuting.

Q10 – Vacant plot or redevelopment

Warning Q10 has been worded in such a way as to encourage people to tick “in a new town or village (such as Wixams) – thinking this means growth at Wixams. It does not – it means another new town…….

Q11 – Would not burden exisiting towns / Maintains the rural area / Is a more sustainable option / Would utilise brownfield sites / Would have less impact on the countryside

Q12 – Continue expanding our existing employment areas

Q13 – Would have less impact on the countryside

Q14 – Whether the land is brownfield or gereenfield / Impact on the landscape / Relatin to existing settlements

Q15 – No

This is your community and your village. Take action now otherwise inaction will be taken by the Council as agreeing to excessive housing building targets.

Council Reviews its Planned Housing Building Targets – possibly upwards!

Central Bedfordshire has launched a new consultation reviewing what was thought to have been its development plans till 2030. The accompanying document yet again floats the idea of a ‘totally new settlement’ in Central Bedfordshire despite their involvement in the Wixams and previous heated debates over such a concept locally.

This is a public consultation and MMAG strongly encourages you to get involved and book to attend one of the workshops and/or complete the questionnaire on line.

Main Council Website for Current Consultations  – expand “Have your say on the future development of Central Bedfordshire”

Development Strategy for Central Bedfordshire Issues and options discussion paper – please read first before completing Questionnaire

Link to Online Questionnaire – must be completed by 28th March 2012. Paper copies of the documents will be available from libraries, customer contact centres or can be sent by post on request.

Workshops – There will also be four workshops for residents and stakeholders to inform the Development Strategy. These will be held on the following dates:

1 March and 6 March – Watling House, Dunstable, High Street North, Dunstable, Bedfordshire, LU6 1LF, 6pm – 9pm

8 March and 14 March – Priory House, Monks Walk, Chicksands Shefford, Bedfordshire, SG17 5TQ, 6pm – 9pm

If you would like to attend one of these workshops please contact Sally Hicks to book your place by telephone on 0300 300 4353 or email ldf@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk

MMAG will be represented at the 14 March Workshop

 Another 125 Houses on new development site planned

MMAG has submitted its objections to Central Bedfordshire Council,following the application to develop a new housing and employment site behind the Little Chef. If approved the village would find itself stuck between two large scale development sites whose completion would take several years and increase the village substantially and placing pressure on school, health and transport structures. Click Here to view Letter

MMAG draws the line over additional new housing development

MMAG have recently written to Richard Carr, Chief Executive of Central Bedfordshire Council to oppose a new development site potentially getting the green light before the first house on Marston Park is even built – Click Here to view letter

The site allocation at Moreteyne Farm for land behind the Little Chef could be started for large scale house building next year despite the fact that Marston Park, which will increase the size of the village by about a third, has only just begun and will be in development for several years.  Click Here to view full post

Warren Farm Housing Development – Ampthill

What with our proposed/potential developments in Marston Moreteyne MMAG supporters will be interested in a website set up by developers to ‘inform’ residents of ‘developments’ in nearby Ampthill. We may see something similar here. http://www.warrenfarmampthill.com/index.html

Click Here to view full post

Development of Land between old A421 and new A421 at Marston Moreteyne– Public Exhibition 16th June

The land situated between the old A421 (Bedford Road) and the new A421 and Wood End have been indentifed as a site for development by Central Bedfordshire Council under its Site Allocations Development Plan Document.

Please click here to view the Site Allocations Documents.

The site has been allocated for mixed use development of housing and employment. Hallam Land Management intend put forward a planning application in respect of this land – it is unclear at the moment whether this company is the only prospective ‘bidder’ for the land.

More information including maps detailing the area involved are on thier website at http://www.dlpconsultants.co.uk/moreteynefarm/

Hallam Land Management are conducting a public exhibition at Bedford Road Methodist Church Hall on 16th June 2011 – 2pm – 7.30pm where representatives will be available to question further.

Central Bedfordshire (North) Site Allocations Development Plan Document – MMAG reply Sept 2010

MMAG asks Inspector to kill of Northern Marston Vale Zombi Strategy

MMAG have submitted their concerns relating to the proposed housing site allocations affecting the village of Marston Moreteyne – Click Here to view Letter

EERA ‘New Town’ in Marston Vale

The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) has included Central Bedfordshire as an option for a new 20,000 home settlement – sound familiar? Click Here to read more

Central Beds Normal Planning for Additional Housing

The ongoing normal planning process for additional housing within Central Beds includes some for the Marston Moretaine/ Marston Vale area. Click Here to read more