Arguments Against EERA New Town in Marston Vale

  1. The proposal is for a new town 3 x the combined size of the nearest existing towns, Flitwick and Ampthill.  It would be in the Central Bedfordshire area NOT Bedford Borough and hence highly likely to be on the same footprint as the failed ‘Eco-Town’ – wiping out three distinct communities.

  3. Enforced urban living on over two thousand people. 

  5. Built on 90% working agricultural greenfield land despite a government directive for house building to be focused on brownfield sites.   CPRE say that there are brownfields sites enough for 1 million homes. 

  7. The area already has the new Wixams town, which the government increased by 1,000 homes already this year.  

  9. EERA is making the suggestion yet their role is about employment led sustainable development.  A new town concept is outside of that remit.  A new stand alone development requires costly new infrastructure and there is no evidence that employers wish to be located in this area; or would come in the numbers needed.  Central Bedfordshire has no need for this level of housing allocation to meet its local need.  The suggestion can only appeal to other EERA partners wishing to dump their housing allocation on Central Bedfordshire.  

  11. According to EERA Bedford is a “Designated Growth Area where substantial growth in housing, employment and other land uses is being planned and delivered” – why then propose a new town that would  go against efforts to regenerate Bedford and would set up a new large development in direct competition for employers to Bedford. 

  13. The area is considered by EERA to be “of serious water stress, with water resources over licensed or over abstracted”, hardly a good choice for another 20,000 homes and associated employment. 

  15. The town would destroy the natural habitat of wildlife, plants and aquatic life in the lakes.  

  17. A new town would ruin village life for thousands of people who chose to move to villages and hamlets in the Marston Vale.  The proposals would link all the villages up together up to Milton Keynes creating one urban sprawl through to Bedford.  

  19. Marston Moreteyne is surrounded by landfill, A421 widening, the incinerator project, Nirah project, Centre Parcs. We have taken our fair share of “projects”. It is not fair to dump on us an extra 20,000 houses.  

  21. Marston Vale has already been earmarked for thousands of homes. The new town would be on TOP of the already proposed development. 

  23. Who will pay to improve the local infrastructure for example the rail links Bedford to Bletchley and Bedford to London lines, additional schools, shops, leisure activities – swimming pools, outdoor space, gyms, sporting activities, children’s nurseries, etc, etc.  

  25. EERA documentation refers to the failed eco-town proposals for the area. These were developer led, profit driven concepts fiercely opposed by local communities, Councilors and politicians and ditched; reference to them is unhelpful.