Marston Vale Eco-Town

MMAG’s orginal focus as MMETAG (Marston Moreteyne Eco-Town Action Group) was to stop plans to build a so called ‘Eco-Town’ in the Marston Vale area. We proved highly effective in co-ordinating opposition to those plans including getting over 700 villagers to march on the A421.

O&H Properties the developers behind the Marston Vale Eco-Town pulled out of the government’s programme in February 2009. The Developers say they intend to pursue planning permission for a sustainable new settlement through the review of the East of England Plan and relevant local development frameworks.

 Eco-Town Events

 MMETAG March on A421  P1000096 P1000194
 MMETAG March on A421 20/09/08
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Lidlington Protest March 09/10/08
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DCLG Roadshow 08/11/09
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