Lidlington Protest March 09/10/08

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Lidlington in full view of the whole of East Anglia – via BBC Look East – to make their voices heard against a proposed 15000 house Eco Town.


The marchers followed Nadine Dorries MP through the streets of Lidlington in an impressive torch-lit procession.


Protesters of all ages – and their dogs – voiced a very clear message to O&H Developers – who seem Hell bent on destroying village life completely in Mid Bedfordshire.


The protest was good humoured with a very serious message that “Mr Brown’s Eco Towns” are just a charade – a perfect excuse for developers to line their pockets – whilst blatantly destroying beautiful unspoiled countryside for ever.


Mr Reavell a director at O&H Properties answered residents’ questions afterwards in Lidlington Village Hall. In an article in the Times & Citizen (2nd Oct) Mr Reavell claimed that one third of “people in the area” supported the proposal whilst another third were against it and the rest “rather it didn’t happen!”


Mr Reavell clarified his survey consisted of “about 36 people he had personally talked to at three previous village presentations – namely Millbrook, Stewartby and Wootton.” 


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O & H Properties Director David Reavell answers questions




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