Landscape Photography – Hints and Tips

  • Taking any picture is all about light. The more you know about how light affects your photos, the better you will get. If you take pictures of the same area one day, but take the pictures at different times of the day there will be a drastic difference with different lighting. Using a digital camera it is easier to experiment at different times of day as the results can be seen straight away.


  • If you take photos a few hours after sunrise or before sunset you will get the best lighting affects. The reason for this is that the lighting is not coming from directly above. Most professional landscape pictures are taken at these times.


  • Take pictures of the same subject in the same lighting but keep adjusting your setting on the camera. You will start to understand what each setting will do. And, then, you will know which setting to go to when you want to achieve a particular effect. With the advent of digital cameras this is a much easier thing to do as the results can be seen straight away.


  • Frame the focal point. Alternatively use a path, fence or wall to lead the eye to the focal point. You can get some really dramatic results that way.


  • Try taking your pictures using the rule of two thirds – try it with the sky and horizon in the top third, then try it with the sky and horizon in the top two thirds of the picture. You should be able to use the focal points in the camera to judge the different points.


  • Ideally try to use a tripod as it allows different shutter speeds to be used which will produce a wide spectrum of different results. Experiment until you get the best possible effect.


  • Consider about using a graduated filter to emphasize the sky. Graduated grey filters are fairly cheap and they can often help avoid that overblown sky. If you are using a point and shoot camera, you may not have this setting, but don’t worry, your camera will usually have a setting similarly that you can use.


  • Some cameras have landscape settings which emphasize certain type of effects that are relevant for landscape photography.


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